The Awards Process

Award Process

UK Categories means submissions most of the key roles where a substantial contribution is from a UK artist(s), director, producer or where relevant a commissioned work from a UK record company, label , individual, artist or manager.

International Categories submissions means most of the key roles were filled by non UK artist(s), director, producer and where relevant were commissioned by a non-UK record company, label, individual, artist or manager.

There are three main stages of the JUMP Music Video Awards which are detailed below.

In addition to submissions from artists and creative video makers JUMP Organisers Research Team will seek out videos for each of the publicised categories listed below.

STAGE 1: Submissions

Submission must be made via the JUMP Music Video Award Submission UK or Submission International form on the website or any other publicised placement of the Submission Form made with written consent of the organiser.

Submission is open from Monday 26th August and closes at Midnight on Saturday 14th September 2019.

Notification by email or other contact detail given which will be sent to the primary person listed on the Submission Form for each video letting them know if their submission has been accepted for progression toward the next stage.

STAGE 2: Nominations

All videos successfully accepted through the Submission process will be publicly announced as part of the Official List of Nominees for the inaugural JUMP Music Video Awards. The Official Nominees for each category will be announced on Monday 24th September 2019.

STAGE 3: Finalists

All Official Nominees will be invited to attend the Finalist LIVE Event of JUMP Music Video Awards to be held on Saturday 5th October during SELAH FESTIVAL at Holy Sepulchure, 8 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DQ. The Finalist and Winners will be announced from the Official Nominations list on the night.

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